The ‘Curbside Classroom’ – Year End


A Teacher's Reflections

Steve the Crossing Guard posted about the final days at school this year.  Can you imagine being at his crosswalk – aka, ‘Curbside Classroom’ and hearing him burst into song, singing “Oh What a Beautiful Morning?”  Yes, he really did, and children joined in.  Ah, the power and joy of music.

Oh, there’s more.  He handed out certificates of sorts to the Seniors, 50  tips (lifelong lessons, really) from the bestselling book, How to Start a Conversation & Make Friends and also affirmations from Just For Today.  So, read on about the Curbside Classroom:

The Crossing Guard Chronicles #4, ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’  his June 9th blog post.

The ‘chorus’ joined in, the ‘maestros’ led, the ‘audience’ smiled and a good time was had by all. We’re the ‘pretenders’, middle and high school students and a crossing guard, letting our joyful…

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